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When I met Brian last year, he was looking for updated headshots for his scholars program!  Here is the pose he chose:

Brian chose Emily Constance Photography to capture his headshots for his scholars program!

Brian chose Emily Constance Photography to capture his headshots for his scholars program!Which do you like better, color or black and white?

How to Deal with Glasses in Headshots

Today’s headshot tips and tricks are about glasses.  If you wear them, you know that being photographed can be tricky.  Trust me, I wear glasses every day – I feel your pain!  Here are some tips and tricks to avoid lens glare:

  • Push the legs of your glasses up slightly, pointing the front of your frames toward the floor.
  • Take the lenses out of your frames or purchase a pair of frames with the lenses removed.
  • If you wear transition lenses, keep them in your glasses case until you are inside.
  • Decide whether or not to wear your glasses!  If you wear them every day, you may not feel like yourself without them.  However, if you only wear your glasses every so often, you may find it better to wear contacts instead!
  • If you own multiple frames you wear, bring them!  Different lenses have different anti-reflective coating.  Also, certain frames may look better photographed than others.
  • Find a photographer who knows how to photograph people with glasses!  They will know other tips and tricks.  For example, I change my lighting up or down until the umbrella reflection is hidden.  I also take multiple images with and without glasses so I can remove the glare afterwards if necessary!

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