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Sposi Novelli – That Time I Met the Pope!

Sposi Novelli (Just Married)

Sposi Novelli is a Catholic tradition to meet the Pope!

Daniel & I were married in May and went to Rome in August for the Sposi Novelli. The Sposi Novelli was an opportunity for us to greet Pope Francis and receive a special papal blessing as we began our lives together! It was important for us as practicing Catholics to hear encouraging words and see the support of the church. We knew we were starting a family and it was the perfect opportunity to travel before having kids. Pope Francis was actually the first person we told that we were expecting and he prayed a special blessing over the baby. It strengthened our faith in our marriage and was a special once in a lifetime moment!

Sposi Novelli is a Catholic tradition to meet the Pope!
Sposi Novelli is a Catholic tradition to meet the Pope!

How You Can Meet the Pope

Are you engaged or newly married and want more information about how to sign up for the Sposi Novelli? Here is the process:  

  • Email to get more information about seeing the Pope! They will tell you everything you need to know.
  • Use the following template: “Hello, my spouse and I would like Sposi Novelli Tickets for DATE HERE.  We were married at the CHURCH NAME HERE in CITY HERE on DATE HERE.  PRIEST’S NAME was the priest. Our names are YOUR FULL NAMES HERE.  Please let me know what the next steps are!  Thank you, YOUR NAME HERE”
  • Travel to Italy within 2 months of being married.
  • Visit the Papal Audience website to find out when and where the Papal Audience will take place.
  • Bring a copy of your Sacramental Marriage Certificate signed by your priest, and wear your wedding attire.

I hope this helps you to plan a trip to Italy to meet the Pope!

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